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Covert Boot lace handcuff key

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Escape artist love these ! limited in stock grab them while you can

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Bootlace handcuff key

Metal bootlace handcuff key, easily attached to the end of your lace. CIA designed for special forces and used in USA SERE schools as a hidden in plain sight item.


Product Description

This covert boot-lace handcuff key is perfect for heavy-duty boot laces that can also be used as a powerful survival tool in a pinch. Discreetly attached to the the tip of your bootlace, the boot lace handcuff key does not seem to be within any useful proximity while handcuffed behind your back. But just bend your knee up sharply and it puts it right into your hands!

This works whether standing, sitting, or prone. Grasp the device, and then return your foot to its original position; as your foot descends the lace unties, leaving you with a tethered handcuff key in your hand.

A black rubber cover is included to protect and further conceal the key.

Constructed of blackened brass.



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Great item Review by Yip
Thanks i got this today Good stuff (Posted on 19/09/2017)

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