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Disappearing ink pen

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Pen looks and acts just like a regular pen fades away withing hours

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Disappearing ink pen

Get your hands ont his extremely rare russian kgm disappearing ink pen

Looks just like normal pen but isnt !!! Great tool for magic trick on your friends ink will disappear thoroughly within hours & completely withing 24hrs

The ink was developed by the KGB scientist during the Cold War era, the ink in the KGM Disappearing Ink Pen is based on that same secret formula with the added bonus of being upgraded into a modern gel format, Disappearing Ink Pen looks and acts just like a regular pen

The upgraded gel pen format allows the user to write smoothly with limited downward force to avoid heavy indentions or tell-tell signs of handwritten words.



When you use the pen, the ink will stay in its normal format for around 15 minutes, then it will slowly start to deconstruct. Within a few hours it will be hardly visible, becoming totally vanished within 24 hours (fade time will vary based on external environmental conditions) . Not even ultra-violet light inspections reveal the previous message. Write secret notes that you only want revealed for a limited time, be assured that no evidence will be left of the message.


Warning: Not to be used on legal documents or in financial applications.

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