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Emergency survival fire starter

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Starts fires even when wet

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Emergency survival fire starter

New flint stone containing magnesium powder Safed, convenient carrying and durable. Can be used more than 1000 times Start fire easily and quickly with just some spark Can be used in most weather or low temperature Suit for military, hunting, fishing and other outdoor, camping activities, also good for survival tool


flint stone, magnesium stone, scraper (iron) Flint diameter: 4mm Flint length: 75mm, this is easy to start a fire Combustion-supporting material 8 MM in diameter Length from head to end: 105mm Color: black

How to use:

1. scrape some magnesium powder from the magnesium stone onto the the inflammable material like paper or branch

 2. Place the flint on ground at about 45°and 2.5cm from the magnesium powder, then scrape the flint stone fast to make some spark so as to light up the inflammable material.

Package include: 1 x Flint



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