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fruit machine & pool table key

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Fruit machines & pool table refill & reset key

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Re-fill & reset keys fruit machine & pool table's

What are refill keys?

Refill keys are supplied with all new machines by the manufacturers, they're designed to allow the owner of the machine to refill the hopper or tubes without having to actually open the machine at all, they also provide the owners with the machines current stats like the hopper balance, last win, last bank, error reports and they're also used to adjust the volume.

How do they benefit players?

Most of you will probably remember peering through the glass and looking behind the reels of old machines and getting an idea of the machines float by looking at the tubes, well as you're probably aware since the introduction of hoppers this isn't possible.... Well keys go one better, by inserting your key you will instantly have the advantage of knowing exactly how much money is in the machine and how much it's just paid out!!

How do I use my key?

At the front of all feature style machines the locks are situated just below or just above the payout tray on casino style machines like partytime, crazy fruits casino and most other arena style machines the holes are situated on the right side of the machine just around from where you would insert coins. You simply insert the key and turn it 90 degrees clockwise and the information will be displayed on the alpha display....


Which machines do they work on?

The keys work on around 90% of all UK fruit machines including all jackpots from £5 up to £500 S16 & S21 machines, there are a few manufacturers that don't support them but these are the minority like Vivid & Mazooma, they will work on the most popular machines like Barcrest, JPM, Vivid, Bell-fruit, Astra, etc...


Are they legal?


Yes, refill keys are perfectly legal to own as if you were to buy your own machine for your home you would be supplied with one, you are not changing the payout of the machine or altering it in any way, you are simply gathering the information from it. However, if seen using one by your landlord or arcade owner by would probably be inclined to boot you out!


So why buy a refill key?


If you haven't already worked out the advantages of owning a refill key let me de-brief you, you can find out exactly how much money is in the machine and you can find out exactly what the machines have paid out, this means the end of walking in a pub and throwing £40 in a machine before realising it still isn't full and then having to chase your losses on an empty machine!



Are you likely to be caught?


No, contrary to popular belief these keys do NOT set any alarms off, these rumours are made up by machine owners and manufacturers to deter people from using them, I have been using my key for over 4 years and have never set a single alarm off! 

1 x key for fruit machine

1 x key  for pool table

The pool table will issue you with a free game - used when money fails to register.




Lots of lanlords lose their reset keys so buying this will equip you with a master to cut their replacements.



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