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mini Bogotas slim line

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Mini Bogotas slim line highly polished 

We are proud to present the world famous bogota lock pick designed by the locksport commuinity 


The classic Bogota is a rake-like tool with 3 humps and is named for the mountains that surround Bogota, Columbia Usa 

The first thing that a user may notice about these picks is the unusual shape of the handle. It is bent twice and approximates the shape of a pistol grip. This shape lends itself well to the scrubbing/jiggling motion for which the tools are designed. It also allows the handle of the pick to be used as a tension wrench. This dual-use is central to the design of the Bogotas; they are made in pairs and are meant to be used as such.

The second tool in the classic pair is a single-hump version that resembled a half-diamond pick but has the advantages of a Bogota style 


Made from 301 stainless steel 0.6mm ( 0.0236 inch) Bogotas are hand twisted, bent and polished to very high standards

Designed for the Perfect Lockpicking Experience 


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