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Key chain monkey fist cammo

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This one is Mixed army colors paracord

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Heavy 86G Monkey fist key chain


Paracord Monkeys Fist lanyard, tied Monkeys Fist knot, lanyard knot and decorative and solid square knot to produce a useful and multi-purpose handy piece of kit.


*Primarily used for the transfer of rope or self defense.

*Traditional Gift (Close friendship)

*Useful lanyard/keyring for your zipper pull on bag / knife, keys, torch, tools and equipment.

*Excellent ligthweight survival tool which can be untied in

any paracord needy emergency situation.

*A great and inexspensive piece of kit.


The Monkeys Fist (a traditional sailing knot) serves as a weight which makes the task of throwing rope an easier task, the Monkeys Fist would be attached to a length of rope and passed from ship to dock or ship to ship.

In the past this knot was also known to be used as an improvised weapon and was nicknamed the SLUGSHOT by sailors. The Monkeys Fist has also been used in climbing as an emergency anchor by jamming it into cracks in the rock, not something that should be done lightly due to obvious safety implications.

Traditionally, the Monkeys Fist; once made, was given to a close friend, it is an old fashioned way of showing how much they mean to you.

So, when a friend that means a lot comes along, give them a Monkeys Fist and pass of the tradition.


Material: Paracord

Length: 19 cm

Steel Ball Diameter: 3.5 cm

Color: Show as the Picture Design:

Monkey Fist Weight: 86 g




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