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Dimple Lock Picks & Tools

A dimple lock is a pin-tumbler-based lock design that uses flat side of the key blade as a bitting area. Cuts on the bitting area resemble dimples, hence the name.

This contrasts traditional pin-tumblers that use the edge of the blade as the primary bitting area. Most dimple locks orient the keyway of the lock perpendicular to the pin stacks and allow the key to be inserted in any orientation.

Dimple locks are used in a wide variety of applications, and may vary from low to high security. A dimple lock is not more secure when compared to traditional pin tumbler locks, but the untraditional nature of the key makes many dimple locks appear sophisticated.

Some of the most notable dimple lock manufacturers are KABA, Mul-T-Lock, DOM, LIPS, and KESO.

Here you will find all the lastest lock picks for picking all the major lock manufactures 

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