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Rook & knight - king & queen

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When you have tried every other lock pick in your collection and still can’t open that cheap lock it’s time for the King and Queen picks to come out. There is nothing more frustrating than being beaten by a lock that you know you have the skills to open.

Often what you are up against is a pining combination of extreme highs and lows. The different heights of pins in a lock re referred to as the MAC and if you have a high MAC between pins it can be very difficult to set one pin while not over-setting another.


In some ways this is an expansion the Classic King and Queen Picks but it is also a very strong set of picks in their own right. Rook and Knight picks are designed to mimic the key ways of locks with large variations between high and low pin settings.

Often what can happen in these situations is your pick will accidentally over set the low pin that is in front of the high pin you are attacking. These picks are used in a try out fashion by slowly sliding the pick once it is set into the key-way trying different heights and depths.

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