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reverse spy peep hole

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Eye spy with my little eye

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Tactical Door Viewer

For years Law Enforcement and Military tactical teams used reverse peephole viewers to asses threats behind closed doors before engaging any apartment, house or condo.

They simply put the Reverse Tactical Peephole up to the doors peephole and the viewer, reverses the view, allowing the teams to covertly assess the threats in the room before engaging, without the occupants inside the room having any clue to what's going on outside their door.

Now available in the civilian sector, this is used by Private Eyes, Bail bondsmen, Property owners maintenance men

The Tactical Reverse Peephole can give you the advantage by allowing you to see whats going on inside the home  With the Tactical Reverse Peephole there is a soft camera mount at one end that allows you to place a digital camera on it and then take pictures of the reversed view.

An example would be using a Iphone's camera and placing it on the Tactical Reverse Peephole and then start to take some pictures quietly. 

Q does this actually work ?

A yes has been used in the military sector for years 

Customer Reviews

excellent Review by hairy
I was a little curious as to weather this actually worked ! these work well :) my daughter hates me now as i see her coming before she sees me Ha
Great shop with brilliant with excellent products
this is probebly the best shop in the world for lock pick tools (Posted on 01/08/2017)

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