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The sandman lock pick

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wide handled Laser engraved Raking lock pick.

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The Sandman is a wide handled Laser engraved Raking pick. It works in a very similar action to the twin or triple peak rake. Its used in a fast skipping action under the pins but their is nothing wrong with using it as a rocker. It design allows for it to be reversible. The Single Peak Side is designed for High/Low pinning. These locks often also have two pins that are also close. Example 2,7,9,4,3,2, The 2,7 being the high/low and the 4,3 being the similar

Customer Reviews

Better than the other two versions Review by Top Picking master
Opens many locks were other picks have failed (Posted on 19/09/2017)
spot on Review by Bibs
For me this seems the better one between the sandman octo & warlock
Great tool (Posted on 01/08/2017)

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