Product giveaway for March 2018...The Sparrows Monstrum XXL set!


The MONSTRUM XXL consists of 21 lock picks and 22 tension tools all wrapped in a Limited edition KRYPTEK TYPHON Camouflage Case.
This set includes all tools of the Sparrows Wizwazzle set and the Sparrows MONSTRUM set all in one case.

This set has everything you need for any skill level. With a full selection of hooks, rakes and diamonds plus ten Exotic Picks, you will be able to defeat almost any lock. With a large selection of tension wrenches you will be able to find the right tool to apply the proper tension.


All you have to do to try and win is follow some simple instructions explained in the following video link...


Good luck, and thanks for shopping at, the UKs favourite lockpick shop!