Product giveaway for June 2018...Our latest UKLP branded lock pick set, 3 SETS TO more chances for you to win.


This set comprises of 16 stainless steel lock picks with aluminium handles all steel design (Ten) 10 - 0.025 thick & 6 picks at 0.015 thick we have divided this set up the by colour, this set is aimed at the beginner & the advanced lock picker & locksmiths alike.
Blue being the rapid entry rake selection 0.025 thick for strength for beginners reds are also for strength & the black are very thin at 0.015 thick.
Reds are our selection of hooks in 0.025 thick & the same again in black but at 0.015 thick, very thin & are great for those hard to reach places.


All you have to do to try and win is follow some simple instructions explained in the following video link...