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Sparrows The Revolver

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Sparrows The Revolver

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Quick Overview

(Four) 4 practice cores in one revolving lock



This oversized cylinder is built to lock up with a new row of top security pins on every 1/4 turn. Pinning configuration starts with Standard pins at 12 o'clock (Marked with a small arrow) and then moves clockwise to Spool, Serrated and finally Mushroom pins. The end result is a lock that gets progressively harder to pick open. The security pin positions a pinned from the keyway Standard, Security, Standard, Security, Standard.

But maybe hard is not your thing ...why suffer...we get is hard already. Perhaps some guy on the internet said lock picking was a fun, easy hobby. Well you're in luck as each pin is held in place with a hex nut. Included with THE REVOLVER are all the parts you need to remove some pins and make this an easier lock to pick open.

Also have included security pins and drilled THE REVOLVERTHE REVOLVER lock and a tin with some shiny stuff to accept 6 pins for those of you who like to be humbled. And by humbled we mean to say, "GET READY TO CRY IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR!"

THE REVOLVER will accept pins from the Reload set, The Check pins, and Master Key set The security pin positions are pinned from the key way Standard, Security, Standard, Security, Standard. The 6th pin position is empty for both Top and bottom picks.


THE REVOLVER lock and a tin with some shiny stuff.


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Customer Reviews

Excellent start Review by jimbob
My first lock & really encouraging to be able to eventually get the 'easy' pins in row 1 picked. Now on 'stage 2'. Very educational, addictive, relaxing and rewarding. I bought this product as a first option because by the time I added up the recommended beginners padlock list it was getting on for £50.
No brainer really, as this compact 4 locks in one (5 or 6 pins in each) can be pinned up yourself with any combination you choose. Then once you think you know the way around add in the reload kit and the lock options are endless. Quality & a bargain really. (Posted on 02/05/2020)
Sparrows revolver Review by Wingnut
Mine has jammed. Only had it ten days. Gonna have to dismantle it. Wish me luck . (Posted on 19/08/2019)
Fantastic Review by Richard
Such a amazing training aid and the cool factor alone is a reason to get it. The tin of shiny thing can even further increase the difficulty to extreme. Mine have a very hard bidding with a very high cut right at the back with low mids. Even the first stage can't be raked open. I'm in for a ride. (Posted on 29/05/2019)
Fantastic Review by Richard
Such a amazing training aid and the cool factor alone is a reason to get it. The tin of shiny thing can even further increase the difficulty to extreme. Mine have a very hard bidding with a very high cut right at the back with low mids. Even the first stage can't be raked open. I'm in for a ride. (Posted on 29/05/2019)
Excellent Quality Lock Review by Anthony
This lock is fantastic, clever design and very challenging, represents excellent value for money and comes with all the spares you may need should you lose anything when stripping down and rebuilding. Thank you.. (Posted on 06/02/2019)
Sparrows Revolvers Review by Nils
A Superb piece of kit four progressively harder locks to pick in one revolution starts with five pins and once you have mastered them you can either re pin the locks or even advance to a six pin setup.
Fantastic value for money, I would recommend the sparrows reload kit as well that will give you an extra five keys all the pins and spares you could need and a great little pinning mat to boot. Great product. (Posted on 15/03/2018)
Great training aid Review by Leslie
The Revolver is a good bit of kit. If you pair it up with the reload kit you can vary it many times and even use it as a progressive lock. For instance, you can strip it right down and pin all the keyways as a two pin trainer. All you have to do is have standards in one line, spools in another and so on. Once you've beaten that you can pin it for three pins, then four, then five then six. You can mix the pins so there's spools, mushrooms and serrateds in the same line up. And after that you can re-key it and start all over again. (Posted on 15/02/2018)
well worth the money Review by Tommy UK
This has got to be the best learning aid since sliced bred !!! i was lucky enough to get this at a reduced price before Christmas & its the best present ive had & i bought it myself
Admittedly i still havent cracked all sections i seem to be stuck on the last one !
Great lock id defiantly recommend buying this (Posted on 07/01/2018)
OUTSTANDING Review by Matty
Probebly the best Lock ive actually bought ever
Brilliant to for the big adult :)
Thank you very much (Posted on 07/01/2018)
5***** Review by Corey
amazed by the quality of the practice lock ive also bought another for a lock picking buddy
difficult to pick even from stage 1 - 5pins (Posted on 17/12/2017)
Stunning Training Aid Review by Jon
With the shallow and deep pinning and the zero feedback I haven't even picked the normal pins, this will be a nice challange lock that I'll learn a lot from as a noob. I'm almost better on the spool pins as I can pick there spool cut away lock. I find it hard to find the true binder seems like 2 always bind. I'm going to get some better picks and keep practicing. (Posted on 17/12/2017)
Brilliant Review by Randy
Ordered this to make me a better picker. As a locksmith I need to do more than I have been doing. This thing is build better than most of the locks I deal with. 4 bibles. Which means you have four opportunities to pick it before you rekey it. Starts pinned as a 5 pin. Can be pinned to 6 pin (Posted on 17/12/2017)
Over the moon Review by Bonny
This lock is presented in a cylinder form, with 4 different pin combinations at 12, 3, 6 and in the 9 o'clock positions.
The key ways start with Standard pins, a quarter of a turn (clockwise) gives you Spool pins, then Serrated pins and finally Mushroom pins. All the pinnings can be changed by removing the grub screws on top of each cylinder. Your able to make this lock as easy as you like or so hard you'll call a locksmith to help you out. Well probably not a locksmith!

The kit comes with the cylinder fully loaded and offers you a small kit full of pins, springs, and another key to make your picking even more challenging.

This lock could very easily be the ultimate Practice Lock on the market. Maybe that’s a big claim, but being made by Sparrows you know this is going to be a well made lock with quality pins and springs (Posted on 17/12/2017)
Quality product Review by Chris
Probably the best training device for learning how to progress at picking locks quality tools at great prices keep up the great work Alan
will be back for more
regards chris T (Posted on 17/12/2017)
excellent Review by Nikki
awesome bit of kit well happy (Posted on 17/12/2017)
Excellent idea for learning the fundamentals Review by Les
Outstanding value for money this reminds me of a rubbix cube as a kid i will play for hours with this new toy
Its very challenging & built better than some locks that are fitted into doors
Great Buy (Posted on 01/12/2017)

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